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We are a leading logistics company offering all key services needed to move goods efficiently and securely.

At Brima Logistics, we adopted a phrase that has found its way into the very DNA of who we are. The phrase? It’s about time. These three words have become the philosophy behind everything we do. That’s because, at Brima, we understand how important and valuable time is as a business commodity. We recognise that success depends on keeping business commitments on time, every time. And we know that when time is wasted or lost, it will affect business performance and, ultimately, impact the bottom line. We understand time, we value time and we offer you the opportunity to buy your business some time.

Brima can help your business get the most out of a 24-hour day by using smart online processes, by collecting and delivering when you need us, and by being efficient in every step of our service to you. These promises are made possible through our established infrastructure, streamlined operations, nationwide fleets and professional staff. In short, as a customer of Brima, once you have entrusted your logistics needs to us, you would not worry about any wasted time or missed commitments.

To us – it’s all about time!!!


Brima is a level 1 contributor to the BEE Codes as stipulated by the Government of South Africa. We pride ourselves in contributing to the economy through job creation and ensuring affordable and accessible services to our customers in order to positively contribute to their bottom line.

As a growing brand, we are fully committed to a high standard of quality service. We are a proud member of and have full accreditation with, the South African Express Parcel Association (SAEPA). SAEPA is a non-profit organisation responsible for, among other things, setting up compliance and quality standards for parcel delivery in South Africa.

In order to maintain these standards, Brima is committed to:


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